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I really can't say enough about how wonderful it was to have Jeff at our wedding. First of all, he's a sensitive videographer -- he was there for all the right moments, but never in the way. He really has it down to a science. He was very responsive to all our communication prior to the wedding, which was also really vital to the big day. We were really hesitant about getting a videographer, because all the wedding videos we'd seen were very cheesy. Jeff completely destroyed this stereotype for us. He managed to create a beautiful, artistic documentary which we feel perfectly captured the day. We love it, and our family and friends cried all over again when they saw it. I highly recommend you hire Jeff and his team. You won't be sorry!

Amy & David


Hi Jeff,

Hope all is well! Remember us!? :) We are in the process of moving and found our wedding videos the other day and just thought I would shoot you a quick email letting you know AGAIN how much we appreciate everything you did for us at our wedding! Things got so hectic after the wedding and I am just not sure If I ever really let you know how great you were! :)

Being a fellow videographer - I can appreciate all the hours of editing you put into our video (and all of your videos) and they are amazing. You do such great work and I thank you for being willing to do ours!

Anyway - I hope all is well with you! Thanks again for all you do!

All the Best,

Jon, Heidi and Ty (our newest addition) :)


Hi Jeff,

Jeff, I’ve got to tell you that the wedding video is absolutely breath-taking. It is a true masterpiece and you should be very proud. You have a gift for immortalizing the most precious elements of a day (I’m sure you’ve been told that once or twice before) and I think the investment in this video was the best money we ever have or ever will spend. Your pristine editing, gorgeous song choice and whole package is just incredible. I can’t say enough about how deeply this piece has touched both of us.

The first time Ivan and I sat down to watch it, we cried. The cinematic recap and it’s music welled us both up with emotion and seeing tears fall onscreen made tears fall in our living room. Each time we watch it, we’re magically transported back to that heavenly day. The way you captured the happiness, humor, joy, nerves, love…it’s really unbelievable…absolutely beautiful.

From our tearful first look, to Ivan’s expression of relief after getting the two baby girls to smile during a picture, to him biting his lip overwhelmed with emotion right as my dad handed me over during the ceremony, to the little glances between us all night that were so jam-packed with love and longing…you caught it all through that amazing lens, with your amazing eye.

You bring us right back there to those priceless moments and we can’t thank you enough. We are so grateful to have this living, breathing memento of the happiest day of our lives. We will cherish it forever. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

Very sincerely,

Ivan and Gillian


Hi Jeff! I absolutely love the video!! My friends and family have nothing but wonderful things to say. So much happy-crying. haha. My personal attendant decided solely on this video that she will have a videographer at her wedding and you will be her videographer, whenever the day comes that she gets married!

Thank you so so much for sending this to me. I cannot wait to see everything else!!




5 out of 5 stars!

“We couldn’t be more happy”

“Very professional, nice & accommodating. Worked with us to create the perfect package. Great communication before and after the wedding. The cinematic recap video was a great hit (and teaser!) with our friends and family and got them excited about the video. The video was better than we could have ever imagined. Jeff captured the special funny, unique and important moments of the entire day. This is the best keepsake we have of our wedding and we HIGHLY recommend Northern Lights Video to everyone we know!!”

- Emily & Lee Dula


We absolutely loved the short film, I thought it was wonderfully put together. We also thought you did an excellent job the day of the wedding, lots of great ideas, you were never in the way, and the final product was awesome!

– Scott & April

Website: “My out of town family that missed the wedding absolutely loved the short film.”


Our wedding video is just fabulous & wonderfully captures our special day. I’m thrilled to have the entire ceremony, speeches & first dance on film as it really is hard to remember each moment in detail. We will always cherish this video & the memories it evokes. I feel very fortunate to have such an important day preserved. It was enjoyable to watch & we were able to take in all the little details we had planned but then just flew right by on the big day. I also am so glad to have our guests captured. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have all those special people in one place. Thank you for all your hard work! It was such a joy to work with you & I will always cherish our video.

- Besse and Aaron


I just wanted send you a little note of thanks for all of your hard work & amazing talent on our wedding day. I’m sure glad my sister found you for her wedding & that you are a staple at our family weddings. You captured the day in such an incredible way & we will treasure it always. We wish you continued success in your craft. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!

- Noelle and Rian –


The video from our wedding turned out fantastic! We are very satisfied of the detail & creativity that went into making our wedding day video special!

- Julie and Tim


THANK YOU SO MUCH! We constantly have people just amazed by the work you did w/ our wedding video! We continually talk about how happy we are that we decided to go w/ Northern Lights. Thank you for giving us such a special gift that we will always treasure! It was an absolute pleasure working with you!

From a e-mail from Scott: When we got to the end, we were both crying, we were so moved on the Cinematic Recap. Hearing the words of our pastor, our vows, our reading set to the great shots of us together, was so moving.

- Scott and Angela


Northern Lights Video did a remarkable job capturing our special moments on our wedding day, they were first class all the way! Jeff was outstanding to work with! We never imagined how perfect the wedding video would be until we received it in the mail and watched it 10 times over again the first night. A huge thank you to Northern Lights for a beautiful and personalized wedding video, you exceeded all of our expectations.

- Jennifer and Dan


When we met with Jeff we knew NLV was for us. The fact that he traveled to Mankato for us speaks volumes about his dedication & professionalism. Throughout our wedding day we hardly noticed Jeff was even there, yet he was capturing so many wonderful moments we had already forgotten. I gave Jeff some ideas on what I'd like to see in our video and he not only met my expectations, he exceeded them. NLV was our big splurge, but it was honestly the best money we spent for our wedding. The finished product is breath-taking and I've already begun spreading the word about NLV to all my friends. We could not be any happier! I also want to mention how impressed I was with the communication between Jeff & I. My emails were almost always answered the same day! I was so happy to know I had NLV to count on. You made our wedding!!

- Jordann and Mark


The video was amazing...better than we could have imagined. THANK YOU to both you and your wife for all of your hard work. We're so thankful to have such a faaaantastic video, especially after the huge let-down with the photographer. Thank you Jeff!!!!!!!!!!! You all are SO talented! Thank you for the pictures, the extra cd's, etc. - GRATEFULLY,

Amy and Brian


Well I have to admit, originally a videographer was not in the plans for our lower-budget wedding...I thought our pictures would help us remember the day just fine. However, after seeing the amazing work that Jeff does, I was intrigued, and after seeing our videos, and knowing how much work and planning went into the day, despite it being a "simple" wedding-ha! there is no such thing!- we are so grateful to have it. The video recaptures the day in a way that pictures never could. We know it is something we will watch and re-watch and share with our kids (someday!) is invaluable! Thank you Jeff for your incredible talent and for being such a pleasure to work with...we are telling EVERYONE about Northern Lights Video!"

- Dawn and Tom


I cannot explain how PERFECT this video was. Jeff was amazing and watching this video reminded me all the small details that we were too anxious to remember on that day. I would recommend Jeff to ANYONE!

- Susan and Kent


We received the DVD's yesterday and oh my goodness! I LOVE the video!! You did such a wonderful job capturing the whole day, I was so pleased. My favorite part is the cinematic recap, I got tears in my eyes as I remembered all the emotions of the day! It was such a beautiful day and I am so glad I was able to capture it on video. Thanks again!"I will refer you to all my friends!"

- Christy and Joe


We could not be happier with our wedding video! Everything turned out perfect. A wedding video was one of the first things we knew we wanted when we started planning our wedding, and looking back it was the best choices and investment we made! The video captured everything about the day, even things we had forgotten about! We love how you added the actual sound of the songs sung during our ceremony to the Highlight Video! It's fun to hear them again. The picture quality is amazing on the video especially when you can see the wax drip and smoke as we blow out our candles when lighting our unity candle. It's the details like that that make the memories come back. Our wedding day was amazing but everything all happened so fast so we are lucky to have had everything captured in order to relive years to come! Thank you so much Jeff for all your hard work, you did an amazing job and we will highly recommend you to any other couple searching for a videographer! We cannot thank you enough!"

- Brian and Holly


From beginning to end, the video was an unbelievable success. Visual Clarity, sound, music, flow...everything was professional and excellent. Thank you so much for creating the memories we can watch over and over again for the rest of our lives, reliving our day you made so special."

- Greg and Leslie


I loved the video! I would advise any couple to use Northern Lights! You captured the moment that can sometimes be forgotten in such an overwhelming day. You gave us memories of our friends & family together that we will be able to watch for a lifetime. We absolutely LOVE the video. You did such a wonderful job on it!!! It is so nice to have. When it's an overwhelming day, It's nice to see things that you forget about!! You captured it perfectly!!!.

- Kari and John


You captured our wedding with such excellence & detail that not one piece of the day was missing! You helped us remember parts of the day that flew by with & captured moments we didn't even know happened! Your final masterpiece DVDs are exceptional & more professional, clean, vibrant & creative than I could have ever imagined! You blew us away, Jeff! We'll tell everyone about you and your amazing talent! One more thing: We both felt that you captured everything...we hardly noticed you, but you got it all! One last thing: Our photographer said you were the best videographer she's ever worked with."

- Michelle and Billy


Just wanted to send you a quick message of gratitude for your work on our wedding...the video was amazing and we are really thankful for the quality of work you did so that we can have something like that for our whole lives."

- Amer and Anushalie


Love it. It was so much more than just a video of what was going on. It IS a story of the day. The editing and background music add an emotional element so you can focus on the video instead of just the clatter of background noise of a party. It provides a perspective that pictures can't. I'm pleasantly surprised at the quality of the video picture. When watching the video, it still brings tears to your eyes, moments like the father/daughter dance. You can even see the bride's and her father's tears! I saw events on the video that I missed at the party because you just can't be everywhere and with everyone. I'm so glad we decided to do it. For the people that couldn't join us here in Minnesota, Lauren and Nate can show a copy to them and they will get a feeling very close to being there. I'm sure we will be doing it for my son's wedding Oct 20, 2007. Want to go to Williston, ND? I also heard from my sister-in-law right after she viewed the preview. She said she had to call because watching it made her day and she can't wait to see the whole thing.

- Claudia Taylor (mother of the bride)


At first we weren't going to have a videographer. We are so glad that we chose you, there is no way our photographer could have captured everything you did. We are amazingly happy to have worked with you!"

- Nathan and Lauren


WOW! I can't begin to thank you enough for the wonderful job you did on Jaclyn and Joey's wedding. You were there from the beginning of the day through the entire reception. Although you caught so many special moments, it never seemed like we were on camera. You have an incredible ability to be in the right place at the right time. You truly captured Jaclyn and Joey's emotions throughout the day! We have watched the video many times and while we all have our favorite moments, we find new ones each time we see it again! The smiles, laughter, and all the other little nuances we may have missed are forever ours because of your amazing talent! It was a great, great day and we will be able to relive it whenever we want to. In reading some of the previous testimonials, the bar was set extremely high and you FAR exceeded all of my expectations!!!!!! My excitement grew when you sent us the one minute tease during your editing process! The final product couldn't have turned out any better! Your editing, slow motion, black and white, and other special effects are perfect! I could go on and on but, I've run out of superlatives to describe your work! I look forward to you capturing more special moments at Brent and Kristine's wedding in September. We will recommend you with great confidence to anyone we know getting married! You truly have given us many "priceless" memories!"

- Steve (father of the bride)